(Photo by John Valenzuela/The Sun/SCNG)

(Photo by John Valenzuela/The Sun/SCNG)

The fewer the windows and the more CRT TVs, the divier. No door on the stall in the men room? Dive. Walls plastered in old brewarania? That a good indicator. Airbnb are pretty reasonable in the quieter, non overly gentrified parts of Oak Cliff near Bishop Arts (which I recommend as a walkable neighborhood where if you squint you could almost pretend you were in a neighborhood like Sellwood or NW23rd.)dsjunior1388DET NHL 31 points submitted 1 year agoGretzky was a longtime devotee to a brand called Daoust. Daoust was like pulling on a $750 bespoke oxford shoe and skating on it. Such beautiful leather, such wondrous craftsmanship.They went out of business in the early 90s and Gretz wore CCM tacks.When Nike started up they were just putting graphics on Graf and Bauers (and making then heavy as fuck) but when Nike debuted this skate, they revealed they had bought the “last” from Daoust.

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